Why Keyword Research is Important?


Keywords are words or phrases that you want to target for your website. Assume you are in the web development field; keywords that you may target are web design, website redesign… After you found your niche market, proper keyword research is important for successful search engine optimization and marketing campaign. These researched keywords will be the foundation for most of your online marketing campaigns. In pay per click campaigns, article marketing, press release writing, link building and other online promotion of your website, keywords will crucial to start with and fuel your online marketing efforts.

Don’t get caught in the belief that if you achieve number ranking for any keyword, then visitors will begin flocking to your website. This may be true if you achieve #1 ranked for a search term that is highly searched and relevant to your website. Keywords that deliver relevant traffic will be more profitable than keywords that deliver a lot of traffic. Proper keyword search and selection will help in finding those keywords or key phrases that have a better return on investment than keywords that generate larger amounts of untargeted traffic.

Below are some important points you need to consider before determining what your most important keywords are:

Search Volume
Search volume is how often the keyword is searched, whether daily, monthly or yearly. Use Keyword discovery tools to find the search volumes of your keywords. Those with highest search volume and provided they are relevant should be given more importance.

Target Audience
Know your target audience before researching your keywords. Sometimes, a keyword with fewer searches, if ranked well, will bring more targeted visitors and thus more sales. Any term that you
feel targets your audience better than others should be considered important.

Some keywords may bring you a higher profit margin than others. For example if you get more from Keyword A than Keyword B, then Keyword A would be the more important term for you.

Meet Demand
You need to consider your ability to meet the demand for a product. If you can’t satisfy the demand, then it’s better to chose other terms until you are better positioned to offer the products.

You will have a better chance for success if your keyword research is well organised from the beginning. Every page in your website needs to be targeted to a particular keyword. By going through the processes properly you’ll have created a campaign that succeeds not just in achieving good search engine rankings, but in attracting customers to the web pages that best match their search and provide the best avenue to a conversion.

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