How to Succeed Online With Business Content Marketing


Anybody involved in the world of online publication should now have a firm grasp on the importance of content in terms of establishing a strong web presence that makes you stand out in the ultra-competitive online environment.

The phrase ‘content is king’ is one that can be heard within numerous offices of an increasingly ‘SEO-savvy’ media industry. With the latest Google Penguin algorithm updates, it has certainly once again be shown to be the key method of providing increasing amounts of traffic. This is especially true when combined search engine optimisation and social media marketing.

Whether you are selling a product, promoting a brand or raising awareness of a charity, the importance of positioning yourself correctly, in order to appeal to your key demographic and establish credibility cannot be underestimated.

Search engines will largely disregard websites that do not recognise the importance of producing regular, engaging content that is relevant to whatever area you wish to target. Many people often make the mistake of spending a considerable sum on aspects of a new start-up’s website, that are nowhere near as important as something as elementary as content.

As a result of not deploying their resources in the correct areas, that company may find rather quickly that they are not getting the amount of traffic that they had hoped for and, as a result, they are not gaining the amount of exposure required to make an impact.

So, once you have grasped the importance of content, the next step is devising a strategy to succeed in business content marketing. The checklist located below offers some idea of how best to proceed in this sphere:

-Ensure the website flows as smoothly as possible: Several aspects need to combine effectively to ensure a website flows in a sufficiently smooth manner that the reader can appreciate without feeling overloaded. Navigation is obviously central to this idea; a user must feel excited, intrigued and inspired by a website without feeling overwhelmed. The idea of effective navigation encompasses everything from the homepage, to the call to action, both of which need to keep the core message of your business at their heart. Analytics tools such as Google analytics or Experian’s Hitwise the some of the tools you can use to research what your key demographic wish to see and they allow you to construct your content accordingly.

-Do not underestimate the importance of aesthetics: The overall design of a website is arguably as important as ‘nailing’ the idea of successful navigation. Everything from the text which you decide to choose to the images you include and where you place them contribute to how your website will be perceived. Research is another essential requirement to ensure your aesthetics match the expectations of your target audience and to guarantee your website is ultimately marketed in an efficient and informative manner.

Several other elements such as loading speed, usability and effective SEO techniques need to be given considerable thought, to ensure you can market your website correctly. All of these elements fit in with the overall navigation of the site and the idea that, above all, content is most certainly king!

In an ideal world you should be looking to update your website with regular content. Not only will daily content enhance the look and feel of your website, giving visitors something worthwhile to read, but regular content published to a site is a sure fire way to gain Google love. If you cannot maintain daily content levels, then start with several high quality pieces at regular intervals. This will be more beneficial than a daily dose of fluff which nobody wants to read.

Why? At a very basic level simply growing the number of indexable keyword relevant pages on your website that contain worthwhile content, will increase the frequency search engine spiders visit your site. Make this content unique, relevant, informative and engaging to your customer base and daily content updates inevitably lead to more inbound links, too:  blogs, relevant websites and social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn all love linking to good, engaging content. Not only does this bring more visitors to your website, it also now brings with it increased SEO value too, not to mention increasing your own social followers.

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