Bing And Google Gain Market Share While Yahoo Drops


The comScore February search market share numbers are being exposed by the various financial and investment firms this evening. Bing continued to gain, while its partner Yahoo lost market share. Google was up compared to January and year over year.

Keeping in mind this isn’t yet the official comScore release, the following are the numbers for February:

Google: 66.4 percent (vs. 65.4 percent a year ago)
Bing:  15.3 percent (vs. 13.6 percent a year ago)
Yahoo: 13.8 percent (vs. 16.1 percent a year ago)
Ask: 3 percent (vs. 3.2 percent a year ago)
AOL: 1.5 percent (vs. 1.7 percent a year ago)

The combined search alliance share is now 29.1 percent, essentially flat and where it has been for many months. However Yahoo’s decline since last year at this time has been significant.

For comparison, here are the official comScore numbers from January, 2012.

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