How can I improve my web site's ranking on search engines?

That's a million dollar question but it is a valid one and there are genuine answers.

Just because your web site has been picked up by search engines does not mean it will rank well from the start.

In our experience the following factors will influence how well your web site will rank on search engines. If you will like to discuss any of these factors please feel free to give us a ring and we'd be glad to share our experience with you.

1. Your domain name

Despite what many think, your domain name WILL affect your ranking albeit to a lesser extent than other more critical factors.

2. Web design

Unless the essential elements are there at the time of design, your web site might not have much hope of climbing up the ranks in search engines. All our web designs are search engine friendly from the outset so your web site has a fair chance right from the start.

3. Website content

The more relevant and themed web pages you have, the better your chances on search engines

4. Links to other relevant web sites

Every link from another web site to yours is a vote from search engines. The quality and quantity of these links is a critical element in the ranking of your web site

5. Age of your web site

Search engines will not rank your web site high as soon as we publish your web design online. There are issues like sandbox and ageing that will affect your web site. The longer your web site is online and the more establish and uptodate your web site, the better your chances

6. Finally and not least, the search engines themselves hold an element of secrecy on how they promote your web site online. At the end of the day, search engines pull the ultimate strings and for that reason alone, NOBODY can guarantee you a ranking anywhere on major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN.

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