How do I get my material over to you to start the web design project?

You can send us text and images that we will use for your web design in a number of ways:

1. You can type your text in an email and click send. Or you can simply type the text in a Word document and send as an attachment.

2. Some of our customers scribble and draw what they want on a piece of paper and post it to us. That's fine too...provided we can read your handwriting.

3. If you've got some photos to send us, email them as attachments if they don't exceed about 5Mb, any bigger than that and your email editor might not be able to handle it.

4. For big photo files, try burning them on a cd and put it in the post.

5. If you don't have the appropriate photos, we recommend . This is a large collection of quality, royalty free photos that we can use for your web design. Go to the site, type in a keyword in the search box, browse through the photos and make a note of the photo IDs that you like.

Just email us these IDs and we will purchase the images, download them and use them to design your web site. We will charge per photo if you use more than 5.


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Neo Network Solutions Ltd has helped numerous businesses setup their web sites. We would be delighted to help you put your affordable quality web design online. Tell us what kind of web site you need and we will sort your web design out.

Our web design team is very friendly and approachable. It does not matter if you are not ready to go ahead with your web design, we can still help you and advise even if you only got an idea you want to explore. We will not pass your information on to third parties and we will not call you if you do not wish to be called.

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