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Neo Network Solutions Ltd - Professional Web Design Company in Mauritius

Neo Network Solutions was set up in 2006 to bring professional and world-class web design and development services in Mauritius. The company also offers a range of other online services for clients in Mauritius and the UK market. Because of this global exposure, Neo has acquired not only web design and development skills but we also firmly believe and consistently deliver the highest standard customer service and management. This, together with our large portfolio of quality websites constitute our unique selling point in Mauritius within this industry.

Whether you require a simple brochure website or a complex content management system, all our websites are designed by professionals and feature the highest standard codes and technology. For instance, every website that leaves our company in Mauritius will be quality checked and have the proper tags to render the website search engine friendly. Indeed, it is not enough to have a website that looks good. For a website to work for your organisation, it must be visible on major search engines and attract the right leads.

Once you entrust us with the development of your website, you can rest assured that you will get the best of the latest technologies, whether it�s PHP, MySQL, Ajax, Flash, CSS, XHTML.

Web Design and Development is not our only forte

Neo Network Solutions Ltd. was set up to provide bespoke corporate website design and online marketing services to businesses across Mauritius. Although there are a large number of web site design companies in Mauritius, we believe that few can actually deliver a bespoke web site suited to the needs of a professional business. We will work with you from the concept of the website and online business model that will best deliver your business objectives.

Having a web site online is not enough to sell or promote your services. We have found that companies which do well online follow the process all the way through, from concept to promoting the finished web site online. We are proud to offer this complete solution. We have invested in resources and skills that enable us to confidently advise, develop and promote a website design solution online successfully.

Talk to our professional team and we will work with you to develop the web site and online solution that best suits your business needs. We believe in providing quality and value for money web site solutions. We also know that building reliable, long term business relationships is the key to a profitable business.

Since 2006, Neo has been very responsive to the evolution of the local web market and services in Mauritius. In order to offer services to small, medium and large organisations, we have diversified our offers and today we can proudly propose web design and online marketing services for all budgets.

Our Webxpress website builder solution will enable any SME in Mauritius to quickly and affordably acquire a quality website with a web training. The training is HRDC refundable and MQA approved.

Vision & Mission

Neo�s vision is to be a leading provider of e-business solutions in Mauritius and UK. Through a team of dedicated and energetic web designers and developers, the company will be a leading professional web development company for small, medium and large businesses with an emphasis on user experience and value for money services.

Neo Network Solutions was founded with the mission to deliver web based solutions through innovative integration of technologies with creativity. Our criterion of working makes us stand distinct and high from the crowd of web solution providers. We focus our goals on client�s business strategies and their work processes, and then, map them according to our work model.


Work Ideals

Client Satisfaction

We at Neo are truly committed to providing impeccable and quality web solutions to our clients. Satisfied clients will keep coming to Neo for web design and other services so we cannot compromise on the quality of our online solutions and customer services.

Honesty and Pricing

We offer transparency in work at all levels, and this ensures reliability and enhanced mutual understandings. Our prices are competitive and responsive to our client�s needs.

Technology and skills

We have set up our MQA approved Training Centre in 2009 to make sure that both our staff and our clients stay on top of the latest web technologies. We have trained over 200 people in web design techniques and continue to believe that, this this industry, knowledge is power.

Web Design Services in Mauritius

Neo Network Solutions delivers professional web design and development solutions to clients in Mauritius and in the UK.

Our dedicated team of web designers will deliver bespoke web design solutions, whatever your requirement.

Although we boast a large portfolio of websites delivered mainly for the UK market, we are increasingly offering our expertise in online marketing to Mauritian businesses as well. Websites we design in house may include any of the following features to suit your needs:

  • Custom made brochure websites
  • Custom made editable brochure websites that enable you to add / modify / delete webpages easily
  • Ecommerce Solutions for selling online
  • Community Web 2.0 websites enabling users to interact with the websites
  • Customised Content Management system